Kites over Chynhale

Report from Peter Bickford-Smith on 12th June 2015

There has been a Black Kite at Trelin for the last two mornings flying about 40ft up.  Quite spectacular and of course very unusual.

They have seen off the Buzzards for the moment.

They are of similar size and are easily distinguishable by their forked tail, cruciform silhouette and effortless flight.

Comments from a friend:

How fortunate to see a Red Kite soaring over Trelin, and flying so low. The theory about being migrants from Europe is supported by the fact that a Black Stork* was seen amongst one group. Another theory is that they are young birds wandering down from the Midlands (where the species is now abundant). The first record on Monday was of a single bird at Crackington, near Bude at about 8.20am. At midday up to 12 were seen flying over Penzance. In the afternoon large numbers were seen towards Polgigga and Land’s End. One reliable observer, Kester Wilson, counted 186.

On Tuesday, 102 were recorded at Baldu and, in your area, 23 flying around Tregonning Hill.