‘Cornwall Council as the Planning Authority for the area has a duty to process applications in a timely manner typically within 21 days. Sithney Parish Council as a consultee on planning applications give their views on applications to Cornwall Council and generally meet once a month’.

To expedite planning applications received after the publication of the monthly meeting Agenda and to avoid delaying decisions on applications, Sithney Parish Council will amend their procedures, from January 2013, and consider applications received up to the ‘time of the full Council meeting’.  It is therefore possible, that applications will be considered that are not specifically listed on the Parish Council Notice Boards.

Anyone who wishes to know if a particular application is being considered at the Council meeting is invited to contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Jodie Ellis on 07855 774357, e mail on the first Monday of the month and she will be able to advise.’

Planning Applications Online

If you would like to view Planning Applications for Cornwall, you can do this by clicking on the link below, and selecting ‘Search for a planning application’ 

Planning Application for discussion on Tuesday 04th February 2020

PA20/00274 – Chynhale Methodist Church Chynhale Sithney TR13 0RX – Listed building consent to remove the pipe organ (Sweetland 1880) from the Chynhale Methodist Church which closed in 2015. No other fixtures or fittings will be changed or in any way affected by the organ’s removal. The organ is to be renovated and relocated to St Marks Anglican Church, Florence, Italy.