A394 Roadworks Update

From our Ward Councillor, Cllr John Keeling MBE on 12th July 2015

A lot of work is going on and following a meeting with Cormac management the good news is that the traffic lights will be gone in about 3 to 4 weeks rather than the August/September deadline they were working to. Andy James, General Manager for Cormac, and someone I have worked with a lot in the past has listened to the concerns of local councillors and residents and stepped up the hours of the workers and also going over to a shift system of working. Though the lights will be removed during the first week of July there will be back in the late Autumn for a short time to install/replace gullies and drains. Though I am not an engineer the sheer amount of material being used to shore up the collapsing road is impressive ( some 4500 tons of 6C??) with I guess different grades being used prior to top soil finishing off. I also saw how they shored up the road temporarily for Flora Day with many 1 ton bags of stone against the side of the bank as temporary solution. The local member Phil Martin has been working hard towards finding a good ending to this saga and is to be congratulated.